“Go inside, son,” I said, gesturing behind me to the door of our house. “You don't need to see this.” He protested, but I overruled him, and he slumped inside. My eyes stayed fixed on the chopping block some distance away, surrounded by the guards and unlucky few whose heads were destined for it. One... Continue Reading →



The train shuddered to a halt on the tracks, letting out a screeching hiss. The two women sitting near me finally ceased their incessant nattering and waddled our of the carriage. I followed the preacher and the girl onto the platform, then stopped. The air was arid and dusty. My gun felt like dead weight... Continue Reading →


I could see the light coming through the trees from some distance away, but it wasn't until I got closer that I began to worry at the flickering nature of it. It was a cold night, but I could feel a warmth begin to caress my face and arms the nearer I got to the... Continue Reading →


“Turn the TV off,” she said, panic in her voice. I didn't, but lowered the volume. She turned to look out the window, and that's when I heard it, too. The siren was blaring in the distance.


I'd never been to that part of the country before. The day was clear and mild, and I could see the peaks of the giant mountains surrounding us as we drove along the treacherous pass, snow sprinkled over them in erratic, high-summer spots. We turned a final corner and there it was, built into the... Continue Reading →


The controller was an extension of me; it became another limb, one from which I could disconnect whenever I wanted. Truth be told, though, that's something I never wanted to do.

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